Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little B

Little B is my niece.  I think she's the cutest baby ever, not that I'm biased or anything.  She'll probably be the cutest baby ever until I have more nieces and nephews or kids of my own, then she'll be one of the cutest babies ever.  :)

I stopped by B's house during spring break and snapped the picture below during my visit.

This is now one of my favorite B pics.  I can hear you now: "Why?  It's just a baby on a blanket.  What's so great about that?"  There's just something about her expression, that little crooked half-smile.  It's a look I've gotten at least 1,000 times from my brother (her daddy).  Add a little nod and that's his "what's up?" look.  It's also his "yeah, I know I'm good looking" look.  I guess some things ARE inherited!

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