Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

Before anybody gets any ideas, no it was not that kind of wardrobe malfunction!

I fractured my foot about 2 months ago, and while I'm pretty much healed at this point, I still haven't been released to wear heels.  Normally this would be no big deal, except that all of my pants are the perfect length to wear with heels.  I normally wear jeans to work, which means I can wear tennis shoes too.  And since I normally do not wear heels with jeans, this means most are the right length.

But today I had to meet with a client, so no jeans.  I hate wearing flats with skirts, so that leaves slacks.  I had a hard time finding slacks that fit.  The ones I wore 3 weeks ago were a little snug, but a pair a size bigger were too big.  A pair that were too small 3 weeks ago now fit perfectly.  I know, that makes no sense, but welcome to the world of women's clothing.  I grabbed a blouse to match and was ready to walk out the door.......except for one small problem -- shoes.

Like all of my slacks, these were a little too long.  So my options were 1) wear heels anyway and hope I don't cause any damage to my still healing foot, or 2) wear flats and hope the client doesn't think I look too sloppy.  Seeing as how option 2 doesn't involve pain or the possibility of permanent damage, I went with option 2 and hung out behind the desk the whole time, where the fashion faux pas was a little less noticeable.

While today ended up working out ok (but not great), I'm debating whether or not to have shorter slacks in my closet, just in case.  I don't plan on fracturing my foot again, but I am pretty clumsy.  Any thoughts?

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